How to Order Creekstone Farms Beef at a Restaurant in a Halal Manner

[Top photo: A Creekstone Farms steak from Resto in New York, from Nick Solares/Serious Eats]

Creekstone Farms Premium Beef is Halal certified. That means you can order beef from some of the top restaurants in the US. But since these restaurants are not fully Halal, there are some things you need to do on your part before you can order and eat an item made with Creekstone beef.

Step 1: Find a restaurant that serves Creekstone Farms beef

There are lots of restaurants across America that make dishes made with Creekstone Farms beef. You can find a restaurant that carries in your area by searching on Yelp!, Twitter, Instagram, and good ol’ Google. Or, you can check out our list of restaurants that we compiled for you.

View the list here.

Step 2: Call and verify the following to ensure a Halal meal

While you may have found a restaurant that serves

  • Supplier. The restaurant still carries Creekstone beef
  • Stock. The item you want to eat will be made with Creekstone the day you eat there
  • Cross-Contamination. The meat does not touch any other meats or uncleaned utensils while being prepared
  • Alcohol. No alcoholic beverage, such as wine or beer, has been used in the preparation, cooking, or finishing of the dish

Step 3: Know and understand the reality behind Halal and these restaurants

It will help to know the following:

  • Nearly all restaurants that serve Creekstone beef only do for certain select items on their menus (e.g. one of their steaks)
  • The restaurants are not fully Halal or Halal certified as they may serve pork and alcohol
  • Most of the restaurants use other suppliers for beef
  • The list of restaurants is based on internet searching and may change if a restaurant changes suppliers or runs of out of stock
  • Restaurants may tell you they do not carry any Halal meat since they did not order a Halal label/certificate from Creekstone’s certifier, Halal Transaction of Omaha, even though all Creekstone beef is certified Halal
  • Restaurants may not know what Halal even is
  • Neither Creekstone nor Halal Transactions of Omaha guarantee that the meat served at any restaurant is Halal because they have no control over what the restaurants serve

With this guide, you will be able to order and enjoy Creekstone Farms beef in a Halal manner.

Still got concerns? See our article on how you can really be sure the Creekstone meal you order is really Halal.

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