How We Can Get More American Restaurants To Carry Halal Meat

Photo: Creekstone Farms booth at the International Restaurant and Food Show of New York. [Serious Eats]

It’s an exciting time for Muslim eaters in America. Upon sharing the news that Creekstone Farms beef is certified Halal, one friend told me he knows of another Zabihah Halal operation that supplies their beef to restaurants, as well.

Many of you will be thinking how can we get more restaurants to carry Halal meat? It comes down to raising your voice as a consumer. As John Cecela of Buedel Meats, Chicagoland purveyor of Creekstone told me, “tell your friends to talk to them.”

By showing support for companies like Creekstone by ordering their beef, we can raise awareness for Halal and open up more options for Muslims eaters throughout the country We have huge buying power, and with the near-obsession our community has when it comes to anything close to Halal meat, we can make our voices heard to these restaurant groups.

Who knows, maybe it starts with Creekstone, and will one day end up bringing Halal options all over the US. And why stay there, when we can convince restaurants and chains to get Muslim owned Halal meat businesses, pushing our Muslim businesses to up their game and product quality.

If this article has convinced you about this meat as an option for you, go and try some Creekstone beef out, making sure to do the checks on availability and cross contamination as mentioned above. Browse the menus of each of these restaurants or any in your area not listed above, go enjoy some of the best beef in the country, and let the restaurants know you appreciate them carrying Halal meat. It’s the next step needed to facilitate more Halal in America.

Until then, it starts with you picking up the phone and placing an order.