Where to Find Halal (and Kosher) Turkeys in the US

[Photo: iStockphoto / Free Images]

We told you everything about buying a Halal turkey. Now, where can you find one this November? Here’s a list of places across the US that offer hand-slaughtered Halal turkeys, including options for Halal Organic and Kosher turkeys.

 Know a place in the US that offers Halal turkeys? Contact us and we’ll list it below.

Some things to know about this list.

  • Hand-slaughtered only: We are listing Halal turkeys processed Halal (and Kosher) by hand only; many Halal shops carry frozen Midamar turkeys that are machine-slaughtered
  • Pre-order in advance: Turkeys are very limited in 2015 due to the bird flu, if you want a turkey, call to order ahead (turkeys will keep in fridge for at least a week)
  • Higher prices: Limited quantity means higher price per pound; expect to pay more than years past
  • Seasonal only: Halal turkeys are generally only available in the end of November and, if they don’t run out, a little into December


[Photo: Jason Carpenter / flickr]

[Photo: Jason Carpenter / flickr]

Mediterranean Market
612 E Roosevelt Rd
Lombard, IL 60148
Available Nov 21, in-store (first come, first serve)

Mediterranean Oasis
357 E Bailey Rd
Naperville, IL 60477
Available Nov 21, taking pre-orders

Northside Meats & Eats
5705 W Dempster St
Morton Grove, IL 60053
Available Nov 22, taking pre-orders

Chicago Live Poultry
6421 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60645
$25 for 10-12 lb turkey, $45 for 20-25 lb turkey
Call to verify availability, can slaughter on your own if you like

Delivery service in Chicagoland and nearby areas
$3.99/lb Sold out

Metro Detroit

[Photo: JDurchan / flickr]

[Photo: JDurchan / flickr]

Abdu Market
42468 Cherry Hill Rd
Canton, MI 48187
Available Nov 21, taking pre-orders

New York

[Photo: Anthony Quintano / flickr]

[Photo: Anthony Quintano / flickr]

Honest Chops
319 East 9th St.
New York, NY 10003
$87.50 for 10-14 lb turkey, $10 delivery to Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn
Taking pre-orders until Nov 18
Halal Pastures (Organic)
91-08 48th Ave
Elmhurst, NY 11373
$77 for 12-14lb whole turkey Sold out

New Jersey


[Photo: Peter Miller / flickr]

Goffle Poultry Farm
549 Goffle Road
Wyckoff, NJ 07481
$3.49/lb, fresh-slaughtered, free range
Taking pre-orders until Nov 21

DC, Maryland, Virginia

[Photo: Elliott P / flickr]

[Photo: Elliott P / flickr]

Halalco Supermarket
155 Hillwood Ave
Falls Church, VA 22046
Available Nov 23 in-store

Southern California

[Photo: Paolo Gamba]

[Photo: Paolo Gamba]

Bay Foods
2037 Mt Vernon Ave
Pomona, CA 91768
$1.99/lb for 18-19 lb bird
Pittman brand (highly recommended by Cook’s Illustrated)
Available now, almost sold out

 Got a place you think can be listed above? Contact us and let us know.

Kosher Turkeys

Kosher turkeys at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods [Photo: Saqib Shafi]

Kosher turkeys at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods [Photo: Saqib Shafi]

If you are okay with a Kosher turkey, here are some options. Just make sure all your guests are okay with it, too, as some Muslims do not consume Kosher.

Also, be sure to cut the salt in your recipe as Kosher birds are processed with some salt as part of their blessing. Cook’s Illustrated suggests reducing salt for a Kosher turkey by half of what the recipe calls for.

Enjoy your Halal turkey!

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