We Try Epic Burger’s New Halal-Friendly Burger and Halal Sauce

Epic Burger has stepped up their Halal game. The Chicago-based burger chain now offers a “Halal-Friendly Burger” with a new Halal burger sauce.

I went in and tried the new burger and here’s what I thought.

What’s new: The Halal Thousand Island Sauce


Am I glad Epic Burger now offers a Halal burger sauce.

Their usual “Epic Sauce” contains white wine in it, which means you can’t order it on your burger to keep Halal. The Thousand Island dressing gives an alternative option to Muslim customers.

The sauce went great with the burger. Sweet and creamy with just a hint of tang, it reminded me of In-N-Out’s Animal Sauce when paired with the large pickles Epic Burger offers. Not only has this made it easier to order a burger, it tasted good, too.

If they can offer yellow mustard along with the Thousand Island sauce, it’ll be perfect; the mustard will round out the sweetness of the sauce (some locations offer yellow mustard packets if you want to add some on your own). But I was happy with the Thousand Island as is.

How I liked my Halal-Friendly Epic Burger


I actually hadn’t been to Epic Burger in some time, so it was nice to be back.

They still have a good good sized Halal beef patty smashed with cheese and toppings of your choice on rich, bakery quality buns. A single patty will satisfy you, a double will fill you for the rest of the day.

I like to order my Epic Burger:

  • With extra seasoning (their patty is too lightly seasoned)
  • Cooked medium (to keep it juicy)
  • Halal-Friendly with Halal sauce

Our burgers were crusty, juicy, and seasoned well. I was able to see just a bit of pink inside my burger, impressive for a smashed-style patty which can overcook. I think next time I’ll ask for double-extra seasoning to get it just right.

As always, the service was excellent. The burgers came out super fast and the staff was very eager to accommodate our Halal and cooking requests. With the friendly, clean ambiance, Epic Burger remains a solid place to get a Halal with friends and family in downtown Chicago.

Revisiting the fries


One thing Epic Burger nails: their fries.

The potato fries are practically perfect. Super crispy, very well seasoned, and filled with steamy hot, fluffy potato. These are potato fries done right (hint hint to Muslim-owned Halal restaurants: good fries should taste like potato, not breading and spices). Served with Sir Kensington’s ketchup bottles at their tables, it was French fries the way they should be.

New for me were their sweet potato waffle fries that my wife ordered. These, too, were excellent. Plenty of crispy edges from their waffle pattern, but still soft and fluffy sweet potato inside. They’re served with a honey mustard (which is Halal) that’s a flavor trip. The honey compliments the sweet potato’s sweetness while a robust, wasabi-like mustard flavor rounds it out and has you coming back for more. I definitely recommend ordering these.

How to Order the Halal-Friendly Burger

Anyone had the #halal burgers at Epic Burger locations around #Chicago? Did you like them?

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All you gotta do is ask for “Halal” when ordering your burger.

I did when I recently went with my wife and the staff immediately made sure our burgers were prepped and served in a Halal way from top to bottom.

I’m sure the staff knew we wanted Halal when they saw me in a beard and my wife in a hijab, but it was great to have assurance we could order our meal in a Halal way so easily.

Why is Epic Burger so open about having Halal beef


Epic Burger reached out to me about their Halal-Friendly burger, which was great to hear. They’ve always accommodated Muslims and now want to take that accommodation even further.

“Founder David Friedman recognizes that the Muslim community is underserved by the restaurant industry,” Epic Burger told me via Email. “He’s passionate about highlighting the Halal-certified beef that Epic Burger uses.” It’s great to see a company that is proud to serve Halal meat.

The company wants to pair that pride with offering a dining experience that’s seamless for Muslim customers.

“When a Halal-Friendly burger is ordered, the team at Epic Burger springs into action to be sure the grill and utensils are cleaned, which ensures the cooking procedures are Halal, too.”

Best of all, the Halal-Friendly burger comes at no extra charge. Unlike some places that charge a premium for Halal accommodations, Epic Burger does it right. I paid $26 for the two of us (Muslim Eater doesn’t like to do paid meal reviews), a little on the pricey side, but well worth it for the quality, speed, and experience they gave us.

What’s next?

Next is for you Muslim Eaters to go and order yourselves some Halal-Friendly Burgers at Epic Burger. Support this business that wants to support us.

If Muslim customers give the franchise enough business, maybe it’ll convince them to offer more Halal items on their menu (Epic Burger, can you please offer a Halal fried chicken sandwich? Thanks!).

That’s accommodation I can get behind.

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