Hack: How To Order A Better Epic Burger and Have Epic Sauce Without White Wine In It

Epic Burger is good. A smashed burger, fresh cut fries, and multiple locations throughout Chicagoland to hit up for a craving of burgers. But multiple Muslim Eaters I spoke to all agreed on something: it’s good, but not great. The burger is underseasoned and overcooked. But this got me thinking. What if I just asked them to cook it in a way to address these issues? After a satisfying first visit, I decided to go back and give it a shot.


Why You Need To Visit A Cider Mill This Fall

Every single fall, Americans have enjoyed the art of apple appreciation in the form of cider mills. For nearly two centuries, families, kids, couples, and the elderly all stand in lines long formed outside tall barn doors for a taste of fall as unique as it is traditional. What has them coming back every single […]