Everything You Need To Know About Creekstone Farms Beef Being Halal

[Photograph: Mattingly Foods]

When Muslim Eater launched one year ago, it debuted with a very exciting discovery: Creekstone Farms, one of the premier beef suppliers served in top restaurants around America, is certified Halal.

Since then, Muslims all over the country have seen the effect of the news that went viral in the American Muslim community. Now, unlike ever before, Muslim could order steaks, burgers, and roasts in high-end steakhouses that they only dreamed of.

With the news, many Muslims have a lot of questions about Creekstone being Halal. How is it Halal? What can one order? And what does this mean for the future of Halal in America?

Today, one year later, we present the answers to these questions and more have been collected in an updated guide on Creekstone Farms being Halal. Take a look through, understand how it all works, and go enjoy yourself some Halal premium Angus beef.


Creekstone Beef Served in Top Restaurants Around America Is Halal

The original discovery that went viral to over 100,000 American Muslims, now simplified. Learn about how it all was discovered and the how Halal status of Creekstone was verified.

→ Read the article


40-day dry aged Creekstone Farms ribeye steak [Photo: Serious Eats]

The Ultimate List of Restaurants that Carry Creekstone Farms Beef

Want to know where to find Creekstone Farms beef? This list covering major cities all over America like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta and more is what you want to see.

→ View the list


A Creekstone Farms steak seared in a ripping hot cast iron skillet at Resto in New York [Photo: Nick Solares/Serious Eats]


How to Order Creekstone Farms Beef in a Halal Manner

Most of the restaurants that serve Creekstone Farms beef also serve pork and alcohol, as well. There are some requests you must make when ordering a Creekstone dish to ensure that your meal is cooked in a fully Halal manner.

→ See the guide on how to order Creekstone as Halal


Angus cows grazing at one of the farms in Creekstone’s program. [Photo: Creekstone Farms]


Multiple Scholars Agree Creekstone Farms Beef is Halal

Creekstone Farms Beef is certified Halal by the Halal Transactions of Omaha. There are also a number of recognized American Muslim scholars who have reviewed the slaughter criteria of Creekstone.

→ See the names of scholars


[Photograph: Larry W. Smith, New York Times]


Is Creekstone Farms Beef Slaughtered Using the Vertical Cut?

There is some concern about the Creekstone Farms using the vertical or European cut to slaughter their beef. The Halal certifier, Halal Transactions of Omaha addresses the details of the slaughter method of Creekstone.

→ Read about the slaughter details


Epic Burger, Chicago [Photograph: Ali Fiaz]


Is My Meal Really Halal When I Order Creekstone Beef?
Many of the restaurants that serve Creekstone beef also serve pork and alcohol. How can a Muslim be sure that the beef they order is truly Halal?

→ See how to guarantee a Halal meal



The Story of How Creekstone Farms Held Their Ground Against Islamophobia

Creekstone Farms received backlash when they posted job ads to hire Muslim slaughtermen. But the company decided to keep on staying Halal despite the Islamophobia they faced.

→ Read about how Creekstone held their ground



How We Can Get More American Restaurants To Carry Halal Meat

With the advent of Creekstone Farms beef being Halal, a whole new world of possibilities have opened up for Halal eating. The question is, how can we get more American restaurants to carry Halal meat?

→ Read about how we can make this happen




How People Reacted to the News that Creekstone is Halal

When we published the debut post for Muslim Eater on Creekstone Farms offering Halal meat we knew it would be big. We didn’t know it would be this big. Everyone, from Muslim consumers to big name restaurant groups who had no idea they were carrying Halal meat, all reacted in interesting ways.

→ Read how readers, consumers and restaurants reacted

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